Services for basketball players

Since we established PP Group in 2004 in Prague, Czech Republic, we reached a dominant position within a central European market. Up to date we represent more than 50 players, counting many current TOP Czech players, and also players projected by basketball experts once to become Euroleague and NBA caliber stars.

Caring for professional basketball players

Our philosophy regarding our players is to pay attention to putting our client on team that can guarantee three conditions:

  • An excellent coach,
  • Playing time in a respectable top league,
  • Security of a strong educational (notably for young players) and financial background for the player.

We believe that only a player, provided with these three things, has all premises necessary to fully expand his professional basketball potential.

Interneational dimension

During last four years, we made the most transfers of Czech players to foreign teams in the history of Czech basketball. We always diligently respected the 3 main principles mentioned above. In spirit of these principles we have already placed our players to Joventut Badalona, Real Madrid, Fuenlabrada, Gran Canaria, and others. We explored perfect conditions for our young players to grow, not only basketball-wise, but also educationally and personally. We are in a daily contact with teams in other developed basketball countries, exploring further possibilities for our players, namely Italy, Slovenia, Lithuania, Russia, etc. For two of our junior clients we have negotiated sponsorships deals with Adidas.

Sport management & basketball as a passion

In the run of the years we developed into a respected organization, with efficient tools and procedures, gained experience and knowledge to navigate our players’ careers, who are mostly originating from a “non-basketball” countries, and we help them to find the right track and safe journey on their way to appreciate their talent and effort on the highest possible rank of global professional basketball. Our job is simply a passion for us. We are working hard, to be a secure guidance for our clients in the turbulent world of contemporary professional basketball.

Services for professionals

  • Searching for new opportunities within Czech Republic and internationally
  • Contract conditions negotiating
  • Legal contract securing
  • Personal career development plans
  • Fitness programs
  • Quality of performance counsel
  • Financial and investment consultancy

Services for juniors

  • Scholarship programs consultancy for US high schools and colleges
  • Personal career development plans
  • Fitness programs
  • Quality of performance counsel

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